Spyera: Spy Software to Control your Children

Modern gadget and technology has let us to have unlimited access on the internet and social media. This would be a good advantages for us since it help us to finish our job, simplify our communication. But these advantages can be so much different to our children because there is something that they should not to know yet. The fact is that 4% of teenager having semi-nude selfie pictures and sent it through text message. 25% of children open some inappropriate images and the 20% of them are bullied through sms and phone calls. Yes, this will be a concern for every parents because cyber bullying, porn images and website, sexting, social media addiction becoming the danger for your children’s future.

Now you can feel relieve because a new software that can monitor your children’s activities has coming. As top spy software, Spyera Android app has been believed to monitor many activities in your children, in the school, lesson, or their daily life with their friends. Just install Spyera on their cellphone and you can let them to join their social networking without any fear.

With Spyera, you can monitor their phone logs including the information about name and telephone numbers. By using this also you can monitor 13 platforms of different IM, like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Line, Snapchat, and etc. Multimedia monitor also make you possible to know their pictures, videos and audio files. If you want to know where they go, you just need to track their GPS location. You can observe their mms, sms or even their e-mail. With another feature such as phone-call interception, you can record your children’s chat with their friends and you can cut the recording and listen it even when the chat is still go on. If you want to know what your children do in the internet, you can observe the bookmark and URL that they are visited.