How to Install and Use Flexispy

Flexispy spy software is used to monitor people activities. It is top spy software that can be installed in cell phone, in purpose to know what people do in their application on mobile phone, like call logs, SMS, even their social media. This software makes you able to track their location using GPS signal, and it eases you to break the security code on their cell phone or social media. This Flexispy is legal because you need to ask permission from the people you want to spy on except your own children under your parental guidance. Flexispy is not used to track someone’s cheated and to track of something very personal.

If you want to use Flexispy you need to install it on the cell phone. The installation is easy but it requires an access to the targeted phone. You must ensure that the people you will spy on have phone. Try to check is their phone has a compatible support because Flexispy can only work for an iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry. Then you have to get license for the target devices. After that, install the software and activate the target devices. The installation process is indeed a little bit difficult especially for people who are unaware of modern technology.

But this will not stop you to use Flexispy, because you can ask for installation guidance to the customer service of Flexispy. The customer service will patiently give you understandable guidance to install and start up your Flexispy. After the installation you can open the control panel dashboard. Just log in to your web based account and you can see some reports that are uploaded there. You can have the incoming and outgoing call logs recorded on your targeted phone. You can even see the details return in instant messages or sms.